Allow multiple username and passwords for a login entering (often needed!)

allow multiple usernames and passwords for a login entering (often needed!) Very often some sites have multiple passwords needed to perform different functions, and the ability to keep memory of past passwords and regenerate them if they expire is essential

In Bitwarden, you would accomplish this by creating a separate vault item for each set of login credentials.

Thank you for the suggestion is what I am already doing but it is precisely not a solution but a workaround

With due respect, the fundamental architecture of Bitwarden is to have a one-to-one correspondence with a different vault item for each distinct set of login credentials. So using Bitwarden as it was intended to be used is the solution.

If there is a valid reason why existing functionality is insufficient, then you will have to describe your use-case in detail and provide some rationale to justify the need for what you’re asking for.

The one example (from my past) I can think of was a shopping site that required user/pass for login and then at checkout time required you to enter a separate “checkout PIN”.

Today’s solution would be to use an auto-fill custom field and control-shift-L at the appropriate time.

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This is a super important thing to understand. The vault entry is for the credential (username/password), not the website.

If you have two different credentials they belong in separate vault entries. Beyond just a password, there may also be different TOTP, passkeys, auto-fill custom fields, password histories, etc. associated with them.

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I will certainly try this solution and if it doesn’t work I will try to create a screencast of the situation I find myself in in order to illustrate it better.

But I certainly agree with @DenBesten that multiple passwords may be needed on a website, and consequently the current single password structure on some sites may not be sufficient

Is there a guide for this function by any chance ?

Thanks for the tips anyways

Yes, create a custom field for the secondary password. This Document explains how to create them: Auto-fill Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help Center