Allow copying of default Identity fields

I store my passport details in Bitwarden and I filled in the existing field for passport number and also stored additional details as custom fields. Now the passport number is the only value which I cannot comfortably copy, even though I need it the most.

On some web forms the information cannot be auto-filled, having the ability to copy each field via the clipboard would be great.
In the browser sidebar, please list each field in its own line (do not combine address fields and such) and add a copy button to it, just like with the custom fields.
Thank you!


What is the status of this critical feature?

Yes this is incredibly annoying especially on the mobile app and should be a quick and easy fix @tgreer @kspearrin could this be addressed please?

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I would love to use bitwarden as my main contact manager. However this critical feature keeps me using 1password until it is added.

Please add it…

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I am also very surprised that there is a copy function for user-defined fields and not for the “normal” fields. :roll_eyes: So this is a small thing with a big effect. I use it every day and I would love to have the copy function in ALL fields!

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Would really like to have this feature too. There is a default Passport field, but you cannot copy-paste it. On all the travel websites that’s a really frequently asked field.

As a workaround, I have created my own custom field “Passport” which allows copying from

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Voted up this feature request.

How do we get more attention on this? Request was opened 2 years ago.

Would be really useful to enable this, users have to resort to workarounds meanwhile…

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It’s captured on our backlog. We are working on most of the top voted items, but we do pay attention to items with lots of engagement, too!


Having just made the move over from 1 password this is one function that is seriously lacking. There is no point filling in every field of an identity if you can’t then copy it again when needed. In 1password, any field of any entry has an option to copy if needed. Here’s hoping this feature will be enabled soon

This would be nice to have!

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What’s the status? Shouldn’t be hard to implement I guess…

No updates on this one just yet. This will most likely affect both our browser and desktop repos if you’d like to sign up for PR/Commit notifications as we add items :slight_smile:

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If I need to send my data in chat what should I do? Why I am not able to copy? Why the devs restricted me to autofill?

Lots of answers can be found in this thread:

And as a workaround, you can press Edit on the item and then you are able to copy. Currently, that’s the best you can do, unfortunately.

Can’t you long press(on mobile app) or double-click (on pc) on the field and select it? Then there should be an option to copy the selected field.

In the mobile app you can only do this while editing, not viewing.

This is my top most annoying thing in the BW app.
The whole purpose is to store data that you may need to copy.

Please add the feature so I can easily copy to clip board things such as my passport number, driving licence, national insurance number (British) in the same way I can easily copy passwords to the clip board for logins.

It would be amazing if Bitwarden for Android had an option to copy values from identity fields. I have a bunch of addresses saved in identities and I cannot copy the text when viewing an entry (the text is not selectable).

I resorted to creating a duplicate secure note with the info I need, but this is far from being ideal.

Ideally each field would have a ‘copy’ button right next to it and an option to copy the address as a whole. This would make the identity records far more useful.