Allow copying of default Identity fields

4 years anniversary of this feature request is coming up :tada:

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Thanks for the feedback @mloureiro I’ll bring it up with the team :+1:

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The (surprising) absence of this feature just came to my attention, as I was filling in a contact form for which autofill did not work (because whoever designed the form used nonstandard field IDs, like fox-c1160-textfield5). “No problem,” I thought – “I’ll just open the identity item and copy the information using the copy button” – I was surprised to see no functionality whatsoever available on the View Item screen for the default fields of an identity item.

I suppose a workaround would be to duplicate each default field using a “linked” custom field, but this would be a cumbersome approach, and it would still require me to scroll down past the default “ITEM INFORMATION” section to get to the custom fields.

I have added my vote to this request.

I will also chime in that this is a necessary feature. Autofill just doesn’t work that well for identities and passport information on iphone from bitwarden. This is a mild pain, but becomes a major pain when you realize you can even copy the data into a form without first hitting edit, then long pressing, selecting all, copying, then pasting. Very not intuitive.

Only specific fields like username and password or custom fields are selectable/copyable in my Android app (Google Pixel 6 and Android 13). It would be nice to also be able to copy, for example, a passport number or similar, which is currently impossible without editing an item and then copying from the text box.

Please note that this is not limited to the Android app. The Firefox extension (both in dropdown and sidebar mode) have the same exact problem of not having the copy icon.

Also not limited to Identities: default fields in Cards do not have the copy icon as well.

This is a joke, there is no reason not to make every field copyable and should be very easy to implement .

idk how big is the team working on Bitwarden but given its foss even someone in the community can probably do it for them.

5 years really?

Hey @Abandon1Password there are many open feature requests and the team is currently working away on the 2022 roadmap, including work to support manifest V3, feel free to drop a contribution proposal here if you are interested in working on the PR.