Additional item types (pre-defined)

Hey @Ecks_Fiftyone and welcome to the community,

As of now Bitwarden does not have template options but this can still be done somewhat with the current methods.

As an example, for some of the items that we will have multiple similar items stored in our Bitwarden Vault, I have created several “Template” style items pre-filled with some notes, custom fields, and generic placeholders.
This is more of an internal processes situation to determine, but once the “template” item is created, then you can simply clone that template and fill in the desired fields.

Not a replacement for the additional feature by any means, but a workaround nonetheless for now to ensure all relevant data is captured appropriately with the applicable logins.
Hope that tip helps.

Custom Fields does not replace additional Types – otherwise why have any types?

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We are currently evaluating switching from LP to BitWarden. The lack of defined types could be the reason we go with another vendor.

If i could apply the template to an existing secure note that would certainly solve a lot of problems when completing secure notes (of a certain type) that would make all the fields for me without me having to remember what fields I used when.

Or they’re a mile long as in the Enpass example, who needs all that in a drop-down!

It is now 2023, Why has it been 5 years and no additional types have been added?

What happend to this topic? After 5 Years, nothing happend :frowning:

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Hi folks, yes it has taken some time but this work is still planned with the additional option of custom item types, which has taken a bit longer than expected. You can see custom item types on Bitwarden Roadmap - Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums


I have been waiting for this for years, hope it comes soon so i can start paying you some money.

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I would like to get Email setup added as an type.

Hi people.

I would like you to add if possible the custom type called ‘nostr key’. A ‘nostr key’ custom field is usually a public key and a private key for login. There is a feature that is in progress that requests this.

However, I would think it would make sense to add a merge here in this post: Private key management for nostr accounts

For example, a field of type ‘nostr’ can refer to data as nsec, npub, nip-05, hex, mnemonic

  • scheme npub: npub-hash-
  • example npub: npub1x7l4xfwck1pyaqx4 ... or
  • example nsec: the password can be a phrase or hash too, example: test... harry potter...

But there are other custom fields that could be added like:

Seems like it has been downgraded from “In development” to “Under research”. Either this feature is way more complicated than anyone anticipated, or corporate features are taking precedence to have this feature pushed back for years.


Absolutely. The latest roadmap update is depressing and scares away users.


The latest roadmap update that has custom item types under research is to provide more transparency on where the team is on it, rather than folks thinking it would be released soon. The team continues to see the need for our users and community, other items in development have taken longer than expected. Although not in development on the roadmap, custom item types remains on the roadmap as it has significant benefits.

Once this item has started development again (the foundational dB work was completed earlier this year), we will keep the community updated once we have an idea of timing. Thank you for your patience and support.


Yes !! Like 1Password :slight_smile:

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no more patience…

Funny how people still think they going to make this :joy::joy:, It’s been 5.5 years, it’s going to take more than at least another 15 years because we do not have technology to make this happen.


Voted here in August 2019. 2 years later I took part on the survey regarding new item types and still no new item types available … :frowning:


As BitWarden has become my go-to place to store things, what about adding a license key type. While I know it doesn’t need to be protected like a pasword and I can use the Secure Note Option, it would be handy to have a formatted type with something like the following fields: Product, Product version, Product License Key, Url to Vendor, Purchase Date, Purchase Receipt Info (or attach image). Or maybe just the option to create our own custom template with our field types that could then be used to have different entry types like Login, Card, etc.

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Hi @joe-g, Welcome to the Bitwarden community! It seems as though this is a topic for Password Manager and not There is a longstanding discussion on item types. Hopefully something for 2024!
I will merge your post there.