🗓 Additional item types (pre-defined)

Hey @Ecks_Fiftyone and welcome to the community,

As of now Bitwarden does not have template options but this can still be done somewhat with the current methods.

As an example, for some of the items that we will have multiple similar items stored in our Bitwarden Vault, I have created several “Template” style items pre-filled with some notes, custom fields, and generic placeholders.
This is more of an internal processes situation to determine, but once the “template” item is created, then you can simply clone that template and fill in the desired fields.

Not a replacement for the additional feature by any means, but a workaround nonetheless for now to ensure all relevant data is captured appropriately with the applicable logins.
Hope that tip helps.

Custom Fields does not replace additional Types – otherwise why have any types?

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We are currently evaluating switching from LP to BitWarden. The lack of defined types could be the reason we go with another vendor.

If i could apply the template to an existing secure note that would certainly solve a lot of problems when completing secure notes (of a certain type) that would make all the fields for me without me having to remember what fields I used when.