Additional item types (pre-defined)

So, I want to know if this idea is interesting, folks. In addition to adding more predefined item types, we should add this fields as required by item-type: Set fields as required by item type ?

Sorry, but LOLd at this one:

" * Cloth size

Name, suit, shoe, shirt, pants, inseam, skirt, gloves, waist, neck"

hahahahahahaha ok we’ve gone a little too far here folks.

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Feature name

Add a new type for Software Licenses in bitwarden vaults

Feature function

I recently switched over from 1Password and I was using much the Software License type. Importing my 1Pwd vault all these types have been converted to secure notes. Please consider implementing a Software License type besides Card, Login, Identity and secure note.
Fields to be available in Software License type:

  • software name
  • version
  • license code
  • license Owner (name of the owner)
  • registered email address
  • company
  • download page
  • web site
  • support email address
  • date of purchase

Related topics + references

Feature is already available in 1Password and implementing this in bitwarden would allow to organize vaults in an easier way because licenses are not notes but something different.


I’m literally waiting for this feature to come back to BitWarden

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Can’t believe this feature is not yet on the road map, want to move from 1password and give you my money, but you are making it very hard to do so!

@bubblecatcher it’s on the Roadmap - there may be some slight delay as we have looked into some extra functionality/flexibility.

Possibly, we are balancing a few large initiatives at the moment.

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I see that this has been a feature request for quite some time.

I’ve recently switched to Bitwarden’s personal organization from LastPass for Families and I miss more defined notes. Having been a long-time LastPass users, I am stunned that this has not been implemented sooner, it’s been a part of LP for close to a decade. It allows for far better organization.

I also am amazed that one cannot attach a file like a JPG or PNG. While I didn’t expect the photos of my COVID Vaccination card to transfer over when I exported everything from LastPass, I did expect to be able to store it in my Vault.


Hi Michael - I am eagerly awaiting user-defined item types, as well, and thankfully it is currently in development. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer.

Regarding file attachments, you will have to step up from the free Bitwarden account to a Premium account if you want to store file attachments with your notes. Given the small cost, it sounds like you would may wish to consider a subscription. Cheers!


Just a Me Too, but I’m trying out bitwarden as a replacement for 1Password (esp. for sharing with my family); however I just realised that there’s basically only one data type (“Text”): not even dates are supported natively: also, in 1Password I have data grouped in specific sections: eg. for identities I have a section for medical insurance that groups insurance-related data together: this seems completely unsupported in bitwarden: each item has a flat list of Text fields: no structure and no data types. This is unfortunately pretty much a deal-breaker for me: I can’t bring myself to destroy all the information/structure I have stored in 1Password by flattening and converting everything to Text. I see a huge history in this topic discussing a roadmap with custom data types, but no evidence that this feature has an ETA or is even being actively worked on: would someone from the development team mind chiming in and commenting on likely solutions and ETAs at this point? (And on whether group/section structure might also be added as part of the solution)



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Me, too. I moved all items (ca 900) from 1Pwd to Bitwarden. It was clear to me that 1Pwd is/was a unique app/tool to storage passwords and other important data. But with v8 (beta) it came to an end, I broke up with 1Pwd.
Yes, it was also clear that no other password app will reach the level of 1Pwd v7.
But for me it was worth to switch to Bitwarden though BW lacks functionality which is standard in 1Pwd e.g. in 1Pwd we find much more predefined items, better handling of items I want to keep but do not use anymore, more vaults, using tags…
I hope that we might get some of those functions in the future - near or far (far) future.
At the moment, after about three weeks of using BW, I still feel ok using it.

So somehow I smell an update in the next days / 1-2 weeks. I don’t belong to the staff, but I think there is something in the pipeline… Credit card logos for card vault items - #9 by tgreer

In Vault Hours 18 (around the 28 minute mark) they discussed new item types. They said they’re planning to expand them to new items and also let people expand existing item types in Q1.

Feature name

  • Date of Birth field for Identities

Currently I store my accounts Date of Birth in a custom field but it would be nice if this was included by default

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Just an FYI for anyone who is interested:

You can go to the Github site to see a list of pull requests if you’d like. Pull requests · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

Hi @THEOCKID I saw an interesting reply from you this morning, but the most interesting part seems to be missing from this thread for some reason: you mentioned that “within (for example) Login, there are numerous defined Fields (UserID, password, TOTP, etc).” I’m looking at a Login item now, but for “New Custom Field” I only see: “Text”, “Hidden” and “Boolean”. And the same for Identity. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Where can I find the UserID, password, TOTP, etc.? (I’ve tried the web client and the (mac) desktop client BTW: is the Windows client offering more choices perhaps?)

@THEOCKID my apologies: I realised you’re referring to the hard-coded fields: yes, I see those, but what I’m asking for is two-fold:

  1. additional field types (eg. (especially) date)
  2. ability to add custom fields with those additional types

Yes I see your point, and I can see why you’d want those hard-coded type-specifix fields (e.g. date, dob, etc) when migrating from other PW managers. Hopefully these changes will be implemented in due time.

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Hi there,

It would be convenient to be able to add your own map type to the existing list of map types, as there are local map types that are used in limited locations.

And in principle you could monitor the internet and add to the general list of local map types, such as “Мир” (Mir), at least for users of a specific language.

This would allow users in certain countries to use the application without inconvenience.

Thank you!

Is there any more information about what “additional item types” really are?

I’m thinking about using bitwarden as a contact manager and being able to import vCards and having clickable phone/address/email links would make this possible. Thanks!

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