Additional Features?

Thank you for your post!

Is there anyway you can add a default to open the vault logins when you open the extension or app on the PC?
Also when you go to a new site and create a user name and password anyway to getthe extnsion and app to ask you if you want to save it automatically?

Hi @RM_S - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

No, unfortunately - both the desktop app and the extension always open to the Tab page view. But what you can do is edit any item and flag it as a Favorite, and then it will appear at the top of the Vault page for quick access.

For most sites, the Bitwarden browser extension (but not the desktop app) does a pretty good job of prompting you to save any new credentials you have created in the browser, although it can’t detect this on every website. Just make sure you have the option to Ask To Add Login enabled in your settings. Cheers.

Thanks for the quick reply. I actually do have it set to to ask automatically but I never get the pop up or anything to show me I can add it. I am using the extension at the moment in Firefox

Strange, I use the extension in Firefox also, and it prompts me to add/modify logins all the time. Have you turned off Firefox’s native save logins functionality? It could be interfering if not.

no I havent will try that in a little while and re post back