Added Bitwarden Free in my Chrome Extensions, but keeps "saying" Vault is closed

After added the Bitwarden (Free) extension in CHrome.
the passwords and logins in my Vault. are not filled in the entry fieldsL Login/Passwords
If I click in the login/password field, with RIGHT mouse click , i have the opportunity to fill in the Login/Password but Bitwarden comes with : Vault is Closed keeps “saying” Vault is closed

I have a Bitwarden Fault with lots of passwords and logins !!!
i can logint in the Vault, and see these.

So what am i doing wrong ?

thanks in advance

If the vault is unlocked when you click on the extension icon, you may want to completely uninstall the extension and reinstall to make sure everything is good to go. Also, make sure the extension is up to date with v1.48.1

There is NO extension icon, in the upper side of the browser.
Altough i removed/uninstalled the extension, and reinstall it. Nope.

Reinstall: the extension is up to date with v1.48.1 still no way to AUTOFILL or add a login/password on a site.

i have still the problem : locker is logged out
This mssage is shown, as i RIGHT click mouse button , ( on the password field), after that click , i see a Bitwarden icon, which can be opend, then i click on autofill… then message Locker is logged out, is shown

Hi Ruud,
click onto the grey puzzle tile marked in yellow and make sure that Bitwarden is pinned:

If Bitwarden is not shown at all, click onto Manage extensions and check if Bitwarden is actually installed and switched on:


If Bitwarden is not installed, install it.

If Bitwarden is not switched on, switch it on.

If Bitwarden is installed and switched on:

  • Remove Bitwarden
  • Within Google Chrome go to the 3 dot menu (image) in the top right corner, go to Help and click onto About Google Chrome. If an update exist, install it.
  • Close all instances of Google Chrome
  • Wait a few moments
  • Start Google Chrome
  • Install Bitwarden
  • Pin it to the toolbar as described above.

This hopefully solves your problem.

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