Add 'X' button to clear search in Web vault

Feature name

  • ‘X’ button to clear search field in Web vault

Feature function

  • Small productivity enhancement

Hi, Bitwarden is fantastic, coming from Keeper and Dashlane this is so much better. But enough sugar coating, here’s my suggestion for small improvement:

The Web vault seems to be missing the ‘X’ button to clear search field and reset the results (on Firefox at least):

Currently I need to double click the field to select all content and then press backspace or delete key. It would be more convenient with a one-click button in, or next to, the search field that clears the field and resets results - just an ordinary clear function.

Thanks in advance and kind regards! :slight_smile:

Yeah, this problem is unique to Firefox and is also present in the browser extension. But at least in the browser extension, a workaround is to click the Tab icon at the bottom of the sidebar pane for a one-click clearing of the search term. I filed a Feature Request about this a couple of years ago, but nothing has come of it yet.

I see. Maybe it’s some Firefox quirk that’s more difficult to fix than it seems on the surface. I looked at the code myself but I know little about TypeScript and even less about AngularJS so I can’t help currently :(.