Clear Search Term with X

Can we get an X, or the equivalent, to quickly clear a search term? Closed issue #240 on github says there is already an X available to clear an entered search term. I don’t see such a thing on any of the platforms. Am I missing something?

Esc works certain places, like the Chromium web extension and the Linux desktop app, but not at all on the Firefox web extension, sidebar, or web vault.

I’m out of votes, so I’m commenting with my +1.

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There’s a small ‘x’ on the Windows desktop client, however it’s small, hard to click, and should be red. Nothing in the Firefox extension.

There is an ‘x’ also under firefox but much more visible with the dark theme

I’m not sure where you’re seeing the X in Firefox. I sure don’t have one in Firefox either on Windows or Linux. I did finally see it in Chrome/Chromium. It’s almost invisible with the Default theme. You’re right, it does show up better with the Dark theme. No dice with Firefox, though.

My apologies, I have three sessions open all the time (chrome, ff and’‘ff developer edition’’ and… I answered too quickly

+1 Out of votes, but could have used this feature a few times recently.