Add up/down keyboard support to navigate matching entries in extension


  • When the browser extension is open and showing the matching site vault entries, allow to navigate them using the up- and down-arrow keys.

Benefit / why?

  • This would allow easy keyboard-only selection when a domain or site has multiple entries.

How does this work in practice?
Assume your site/domain has a few matching vault entries, e.g. 9 or so (not uncommon for internal domains, or different accounts for testing in development, …)

  1. The user goes to the login page of the site
  2. The user presses existing shortcut CTRL-Y.
    This opens (and expands) the Bitwarden browser extension, showing all matching entries. The cursor is by default in the search field
  3. (optional) The user types something in the search field to filter the displayed entries.
  4. The user presses down-arrow a number of times to go to the matching entry
    → this step is the actual requested feature to add
  5. The user presses Enter to select and auto-fill the login fields on the website.

What’s the current alternative?

Press CTRL+L an unpredictable number of times, untill the entry you’re looking for shows up.
Press CTRL-Y to open extension, and press TAB many, many times to go to the relevent entry.

Releated feature requests?

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