Add support for reading QRCodes

There have been several times in the past that I’ve tried to use 2FA with a site but that site only provides a QRCode and not a plain text string of the seed. When this happens I have to take a screenshot of the code, find an on-line reader, upload the picture, and finally decode/extract the seed from the URL. It would be nice if BW could read the QRCode and extract the seed for me.

I know this is just a fix for those “broken” web sites that don’t expose the 2FA seed like they should, but I think it would add value to the BW product.


In the past I’ve successfully used:

And for such small of number of broken sites it might be just over-bloating.

Plus, pointing the camera of your smartphone can even fill the field in Bitwarden.

The Bitwarden mobile apps already have this feature. Create or edit an entry and, in the Authenticator key (TOTP) field, click the camera icon. This opens the scanner and you can scan the QR code.

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