Add sort by for objects in vault

I was hoping you could add the ability to sort by the following on top of the current “sort by Name”:
Sort by Category
Sort by Date Created
Sort by Date Modified
Sort by Vault

The reason I am asking for this feature is that recently I created a new password for an obscure training subscription that I only needed to use once. The problem I had was that I forgot the name of the website where I had put in my card details to gain access to the training AND I didnt want to use this company after realising their product was rubbish. They gave 1 month free to test their product but as I didnt like it I forgot about it until now when the charges for the subscription was going to kick in. I then had to frantically go through all the objects in my vault searching for keywords to try and figure out what this training subscription was. I eventually found it BUT this could’ve been a lot easier if we had the ability to “sort by date created” or “sort by date modified”. I hope you understand what I mean by this.

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