Add item to collection during creation

Allow the ability to create an item directly within a collection instead of having to create it, then share/select collections.

In addition to this, I believe that unsaved and generated passwords could fit this category. Attaching the place (webpage) where you are typing from. That way you can remember the username/password and side notes where you last left your incomplete signing up (or filling a form).

Also the ability to add-to/remove-from a collection when editing in the browser applet. AFAICT currently, sharing to a collection can only be done using the web vault.

It would be nice to have “collection” as a drop-down same as “folder” when editing.

This is probably second in the pecking order.

We add a lot of passwords that we need to share.

Being able to manage that from all apps is needed. This feature is also a huge usability upgrade.

Love Bitwarden regardless, though.

This would be a great addition to the feature set that would make life much easier.

Adding my vote here also, would make life much easier being able to specify at the point of creation!

Would also really like this. I have about 1000 passwords to enter and share. After entering the password details I then have to scroll down an ever expanding list to find the entry and share it which gets very frustrating.

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This should be also able in the desktop version.

We plan to use bitwarden company wide and i´m worry about the users crying that it is too complicated to use the web-browser to add new passwords to a collection.



This would be a huge usability improvement for me’

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Please make sure that when this is implemented, it’s supported in the Windows app and others, not just the web vault!

This will be available in the web vault, browser extension, and desktop app in their next versions.


You’re a legend

This update went out to the web vault earlier today if anyone wants to try it out.

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I would suggest adding an owner / collections section to the edit item popup
Just for consistency.

I feel like a user that gets used to adding items during creation will have a tough time finding the cog to modify it.

This is now available in all apps except mobile (still being worked on there).

Closing this request now.

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