✅ Manage collection associations from more than just the web vault

Currently you can only share and modify an item’s collection assignments from the web vault. Add this to ability all apps.

To add some usercase - lack of this functionality is the only reason why I log in to web vault as of right now.

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Like eskela, this is the main reason that I log into the web vault as well. It would be nice to share while on the move (especially for those times that need to be shared securely and quickly).


Agree. We use collections heavily to manage our passwords, and the new desktop app is lacking this feature.

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This feature would be very importain for us too.

This should be next on the pecking order.

Web vault should be avoided when possible, but we manage collections so frequently.

This would make life so much easier! :smiley:

How many months must we wait for this? :frowning:

@kspearrin Is there any roadmap on this? We would be happy to extend to more (enterprise) users, but this is holding us back.

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This is definitely a requirement for us. We are looking into using BitWarden to manage passwords for our systems which need to be shared among the team. Ideally, we’d be able to use the Windows (or any other) app, select a collection, and create a new item directly within the collection using the + Add button while the collection is selected. Needing to go to the web vault every time and manually move items is quite a pain, especially when creating dozens or hundreds of passwords which all different collections (as that’s the only way to categorise something for every user rather than every user needing to create folders themselves. Why aren’t there shared folder options within collections?).

I think this is related to Add item to collection during creation

Yes it is, thanks for the link. Voted on that.
If managing collections from all apps, adding items to the collection during creation, and sub-folder support / folders within collections were all added I’d be a very happy customer.

This will be available in the browser extension, desktop app, and CLI in their next versions.


@kspearrin this is great news! Is there a roadmap for when the next version is scheduled to be released?

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This is now available in all apps except mobile (still being worked on there).

Closing this request now.

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