Add "Hide Passwords" option to collection permissions

This option will not allow users to reveal or copy passwords. They will only be able to use autofill functions. Obviously the password could easily be inspected with developer tools to see the real password value, but stops the average user from seeing them I suppose.

Similar to Dashlane’s Limited Rights when sharing: recipient is able to auto-fill the password/info but isn’t able to view it directly. As mentioned above it isn’t bulletproof but is sufficient to obscure passwords from ordinary users

For charging 33% more than Lastpass, it is a required Enterprise feature. Honestly the last piece missing for us to switch over to a better overall product.

the same for our company.

We would really like to switch to bitwarden for about 50 users, but this missing essential-feature wasn’t coming the last year since talking with kyle…

This one feature has me thinking of switching back. I hate that employees can copy all the passwords before they leave.

@Todd This option wouldn’t stop a determined employee from copying all of the passwords. That is the main issue with this feature request. It gives the facade of security that we don’t want users to misinterpret.


I do get that but the way Lastpass does it makes it much more difficult, and time consuming if there was intent. Also I’ve had employees just use the copy password icon and paste it into an email for someone. I think this would help avoid clumsy mistakes when people are not thinking.

I second that! I would like this kind of protection even for my own everyday usage - just to simply avoid exposing passwords by accidental click.

this is the only missing feature which let us stay with lastpass.

very sad…

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We need this function to hide the password. We have many password for our company, that are not personalized. And if we show the password, than can write the employess this password of a note or in e mail.

This feature is veray posible for the EU DSGVO.

We are also an enterprise who landed on using bitwarden until we found out we could not “hide” passwords from our users. We REALLY like bitwarden and feel that its superior to most/all other password managers but this feature is sadly a show stopper for us. Any chance this will be implemented? (soon I hope)

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it is a serious failure, you see that in the last pass I could share an access and the group did not see the password, in this way they can write down the passwords seen and access without my consent, another case, if a user leaves and wrote down the passwords I will have to change all the passwords because I can not trust bitwarden, I am really disappointed to have changed lastpass

This issue has not been resolved? Our company is ready to switch to bitwarden, but the fact that passwords are visible does not suit us. You could at least make the setting so that this item can be shown or hidden.

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I would also really like the hide password feature.
We are implementing the bitwarden for the company but this functionality really lacks.
Could you provide it in a fast time manner?

Dear Bitwarden team, do you have any updates on it? We really need it

Same here. I’m looking for a password manager for my company, and not being able to hide passwords is a deal breaker for us.

Agree, not being able to disable the option to show passwords for some users is a dealbreaker, unfortunately.

While hiding passwords may not be able to stop someone with malicious intent, it does stop people without malicious intent from sharing passwords. This could happen by typing them out in a mail (like it actually happened to people in this thread), writing the password down on a piece of paper or simply telling other people what the password is.

This option therefore would indeed provide an improvement but it’s necessary to also add an appropriate disclaimer about its implications and limitations.

This is something my organization feels would be an awesome feature. Because people are writing passwords down for colleagues when they go to vacations etc…
It seems we have to update at least a couple of passwords a week right now because of that.

This would solve the issue of password sharing without malicious intent.

I hope this can be strongly considered.

Thank you,

Very Very critical in a corporate scenario where we control/limit the access given to our off site developers. This is a MUST HAVE, not frills for a password management system. To share, I might as well just send a text but that’s not the point of a shared password access. The point is that the person u are sharing with has access and not able to (Except by those who have knowledge to get past it) extend that access to others.

As said previously, it’s a deal breaker whereas everything else seems to be a complete/proper system.

Any update on this will be greatly appreciated since this is over a year old