Add 'Hide' Menu Option for Items

It would be very useful to have a menu option in the web vault to ‘Hide’ an item. There are cases where in an organization used to share things with family that I don’t want to see certain things–at least not in the extension and desktop app for auto-fill purposes.

The way I’d envision this is like the ‘No Folder’ there would be a system level ‘Hidden’ folder, when things are marked as hidden they go there and do not show up when searched in the web vault or in any of the applications. To unhide you simply go to the ‘Hidden’ folder and use a ‘Unhide’ menu to show it again which would place it into ‘No Folder’. Or, you could simply use the ‘Move’ menus to move it to another folder, which would remove this hidden status from the item.

This would help in cases where there are things I don’t want to see, or have auto-filled when I load a website (like my dad’s bitwarden login on my bitwarden server, lol). But also there may be cases where you don’t want items to necessarily be looked at for auto-fill purposes but you want the information stored securely. Probably allow nested folder creation for ‘Hidden’ as well.

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You can use URI match detection, though I don’t know if those settings are personal or shared through the organization. @kspearrin ?

See this article for reference :

That wouldn’t be the goal for this, that would break in this case my parents’ ability to use that login for their own purposes. I’m looking to hide it for myself only so that I don’t have to see it or have it auto-fill things I don’t want it to but still have it usable in their case.

Why are your parents sharing their passwords with you?..

This could easily be fixed by just having them remove the item from the collection and manage it on their personal account.

Because we have the organization for sharing passwords… This org has my parents and myself as members, they need to share passwords with each other, in order to do that you share to the org which by proxy is then shared with me.

Removing the item isn’t an option, it is terribly inconvenient especially with items that have a lot of extra data, attachments, and/or custom fields. It also breaks historical consistency doing so. Of course, finally, it would defeat the purpose of using Bitwarden if they don’t share the password they both use.

Why not make a “mom and dad” collection that you are not a member of?

Unfortunately that doesn’t work (unless I’m missing something). Being the owner I created a collection, I can’t deselect myself as a user from it (or my mom for some reason). I tried creating a group and assigning all collections except that one and putting myself in that group, but as an owner I still see it all. The only way around it right now would be a second org as far as I can see.

Without having a way to hide the few items I’d rather not see or have show up in my autofill anyway.

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I also have the problem that as an organization owner, items of collections I am not interested in are available for auto-fill and mix up with my personal entries. I would really love the possibility to de-select me from some collections of my family organization!

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A folder which could be selected, and automatically hides (from search) those items would be useful. It would let me have archived/ and then not have them show up when I am hunting logins which I know are current. And, keep old CC details around which I no longer wish to list in payment methods.

I agree with this feature request.

I have passwords in my vault for my (extended) family, because I’m their go-to IT guy and maybe they don’t remember the password to an account.

I wouldn’t mind having their login perhaps show up in a search, but I don’t want it showing up in the “Tab” section on the browser add-on. Therefore, I need a place to store the login information for said people, but I don’t need it to be readily available every time I visit the relevant site and cluttering up the Logins section of my Tab.

I have discovered that I can set Match Detection to “None” to hide specific logins from appearing in autofill. However, changing Match Detection affects shared logins on other accounts. This means that I can not use it to hide my wife’s logins on my account without also hiding them on her account.

So I request a non-shared option to hide a login from appearing in autofill.

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There are many use cases for something like this. I have multiple accounts on some sites, but I only use my primary login 99% of the time and I’d rather hide the others. Being able to hide an individual login or a folder would be good. Lastpass has “identities” which is another way of accomplishing this.

Agreed. This feature would be useful for many use cases. Looking forward to this moving ahead.

Pleaaase! I have an archive folder for records of items that I don’t or won’t ever use. A quick toggle to hide the folder from autofill and search would be a blessing.

Another vote for this from me.

I’ve got items that I’d like to keep in my account, but I don’t want to see when autofilling.


It would suit my needs if we could filter to a specific collection in the same way we can filter to vault/org. The browser extension has a dropdown at the top that allow filtering to All Vaults, My Vault, and organizations. If we could also select collections in the list, that would be helpful. Then I could just create a collection of what I want to see on a regular basis. An option to always hide certain things would be better, but filtering to collections would accomplish most of what I would want.

Hey @toddball thanks for the feedback, the team is working on improvements to the vault including flexible collections (we will share more info as it becomes available), vault item labels, and ability to easily isolate specific collections, stay tuned :+1:

I keep old passwords and other information related to closed accounts “just in case” the information is needed in the future. Having a “hidden” or “old” folder would be very helpful. Having this new feature would be great.

Can’t wait for this feature! I have many passwords that I need to keep, but I never want to search or display them without specifically searching for “old stuff”.

Upvote for me.
I have thousands of logins that I have transferred into BW from my previous p/w manager, and many are antiquated duplicates going back many years. In order to cull them into a current (smaller) list, I have to see what the contents are; and right now, I have to click-click-click to see each individual entry.