Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation

Thanks @matschaffer! If anyone would like to work on a PR, you can also create a new post in the Github Contributors category for collaboration.

We really want the keyboard arrow keys and shortcuts to improve… pls work on it in the future updates.

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Feature name

Add hotkey Ctrl+S to save info

Feature function

Add ability to save newly created entries by clicking Ctrl+S hotkey. It will help to avoid clicking on “Save” button and make it faster and more comfortable.

One shortcut that would be very useful to add to the Desktop application is a global shortcut that would bring the Bitwarden application to the front so it has the focus.

Basically I want a shortcut that does the opposite of the below. Restore the window, move it to the top, and give it focus.

    • Ctrl/CMD + M Minimize
    • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + M Send to tray/Hide to Menu bar

I’m coming from RoboForm and this is a huge usability thing for me. If I were using my mouse to find the login I want to use, then also needing to click on it with my mouse would be fine or perfect, even, but that is not how I use the browser extension. Instead, I activate/open it with a shortcut I configured in Chrome (ctrl + b), then start typing to find the login (the search field is focused immediately when I activate, so that’s great!), but then I need to use my moue to do anything else with the login. Navigating to it with the keyboard would flow nicely.

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Feature name

  • Open edit item form with keyboard shortcut. For macOS it may be Cmd + E.

Feature function

  • Opens edit item form
  • Easier and faster modification of specific item

Related topics + references

I’m currently trying to remediate my LastPass exposure.

Each time I save a credential, the list view refreshes and returns me to the start of the list.

The saved item is still highlighted, but pressing up/down doesn’t move onto the next record. This is a real pain.

The ability to edit an item on the desktop app, using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + E, is a big one for me. Hopefully shortcuts are available in the near future. :crossed_fingers:

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I’d be really happy just to have arrow key navigation, when I want to quickly flip through multiple entries. Having the arrow keys scroll the view instead of selecting items is practically useless.

Building on top of that, being able to see more than just the site name + username without focusing each entry (e.g. showing a custom field) would be a huge improvement too.

As it stands right now, the most efficient way for me to do some things I want to do is… sigh… export my vault to JSON.

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Do you know if there is any way to centrally manage these via GPO?

I have a feature request that I think would be really nice to have added. Coming from 1Password I am used to navigating the browser plugin through the keyboard. It would be really nice to be able to click on the bitwarden icon in my browser, start typing a name in the search and then be able to arrow down to the password/site I want, then hit enter to auto open and fill. For those of us who spent a lot of time on the command line this just makes sense.

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I wanted the same feature, so a while ago I implemented this and created a PR for it ([PM-3363] Implement keyboard arrow navigation for the browser extension & other hotkeys by quexten · Pull Request #5995 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub).

There used to also be Keyboard up/down arrow navigation by respawned86 · Pull Request #1962 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub which ultimately got rejected due to implementation issues and inactivity.

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That’s great. I really hope they merge your pull request.
Thanks for doing that I think a lot of people are going to find it useful.

In the browser extension, a keyboard shortcut for selecting an item after searching would be good .

Also a combo shortcut of cmd-shift+Y plus cmd-shift+L would make things a little bit smoother. (1Password does it!)

For anyone interested, since I find keyboard based navigation much easier and quicker, for the browser extension I created this PR last month:

which allows keyboard based navigation for most actions.


Thank you!!! Doesn’t seem to be any updates from BW?

BW has internal development priorities, I’m sure there are more important topics that take priority for now, as admittedly keyboard navigation is a niche use-case for power users.

That being said, the PR might also still need some more work to be ready to be merged into Bitwarden, but that will only happen from my side after the Bitwarden team had at least an initial look on the PR to see if the approach in general works.

There was previously another community PR that attempted to implement the same, and was discussed by the Bitwarden dev team, but it didn’t take the right approach the time. The recommended way to do this in Angular apps is using Angular a11y features - which my PR does - but still there are some details that might need to change.

I hope the core devs at least give meaningful feedback soon. I encourage everyone interested in improving BW keyboard shortcuts up-vote the PR by clicking the heart emoji in the first message.

On the extension home screen with text cursor within “Search Vault” by default, it would be great to have the ability to press arrow key down to select the first login item and then press “Enter” to activate autofill.

I had to look waaaaay back to be certain… In June 2018, I said in this thread:

After pressing Ctrl-Shift-Y to open the extension and typing a search term, PLEASE allow me to use UP/DOWN the arrows to select a login and press ENTER to open the site. Then I could use Ctrl-Shift-L to fill the login and wouldn’t have to touch the mouse for MOST day-to-day authentication tasks.

I think Bitwarden’s strategy is to wait about 10 more years until we’re all using passkeys, and then there won’t be a need to implement this feature.

I joke, but really, 5 YEARS have elapsed. Nevermind convenience, this has serious accessibility implications. We shouldn’t have to ask for this, it should have been baked in from very early on.