Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation

I totally agree here.
The most common shortcuts need to be on the left-hand side of the keyboard.

I see the shortcut CTRL+C wasted for the usual copy, while it should be used to copy the password.
It could still have a different meaning on text-fields. So if a password-entry is selected, it should copy the password and if some text is selected, it should copy the text.

I pretty much love the shortcuts of Keepass,
as they are easy to do with the left-hand.
CTRL+B : Copy username
CTRL+C : Copy password
CTRL+V : Autofill username + password

The last one is not that important to me, because I prefer the control and don’t want my passwords to end up in a plain-text field.

I can understand that people not used to Keepass might prefer different shortcuts. Therefore the only option here would be to be able to configure these to ones personal needs.

Additionally, the tooltip on the “copy password” icon next to the password should imho show the shortcut as well.

There are 2 features I’d really like. If you could make the cursor keys functional to highlight a site after opening the extension. And 2, if hitting the Enter key would open that site on a new tab by default. It’s a little annoying typing in a site in Bitwarden then having to grab the mouse and click the tiny “launch” icon. Keeping my hands on the keyboard would be so much nicer.

Wow. 3 years of asking and still no working keyboard shortcut. Before Bitwarden I used Lastpass which had the functionality. It was just so handy … define a custom shortcut to open Lastpass, type your site name, arrow down and hit Enter. How simple, hands don’t have to leave the keyboard.

Imagine paying for Bitwarden and waiting this long for a super requested (and possibly even expected) feature!!

Fingers crossed it will only be a few more years before they implement this :slight_smile:


My main use with bitwarden is within the Chrome Extension, and consists of not only keeping and auto-completing the username & password but also as a favorites alternative.
It is very comfortable since you also have a search.
But to achieve such a usage pattern you might want to skip the mouse to make it quicker.
So I use Ctrl+Shift+Y a lot and then use “Tab” and Enter to navigate to that search bar.
What I’m missing here is to be able after getting the search results and navigate to the right one with multiple tab clicks, is to be able to launch the site login page from to click the launch option, w/o the need to take the mouse over it and click.
When I click ENTER, bitwarden thinks I already want to auto-complete a form, whereas I haven’t navigated into the form yet.
Is there any planning to enable a keyboard shortcut for launching / navigating into a search result form using the keyboard, prior to trying to auto-complete it? I feel like this is the missing piece in the puzzle to enable robust usage of your wonderful solution.
Thanks in advance,

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I have just signed up to LastPass Premium ($55 pa) rather than BW Premium ($10 pa) because BitWarden’s keyboard shortcuts are so truly awful.

Three and a half years since this simple, basic feature was requested:
“the most common functions should be easily acheived using keyboard”.
In response, the devs have provided little more than an emoji of a man wearing sunglasses.


I agree that something seems to be quite badly wrong in some respects with the way the team is prioritising responses to community feedback. This is such low-hanging fruit which is easy to fix that it’s crazy it has not been addressed in years.

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  • The keyboard command, CMD + SHIFT + L , that toggles the sidebar for MacOS Monterey’s Safari is overridden by Bitwarden.

  • Other native keyboard shortcuts for Safari may have been overridden. Haven’t tested yet.

  • Temporary Personal Solution: Disabling Bitwarden unless I really need it.

  • Suggested Solution for Dev Team: Either change keyboard shortcuts that are already mapped to Safari, or allow changing keyboard shortcuts in Bitwarden preferences.

Hi Anthony - welcome. Custom keyboard shortcuts for the Bitwarden clients is still in development, so unfortunately you can’t change the shortcut for the Bitwarden extension yet.

Why I have done as a workaround is change the mapping for the Safari app so that CMD-L both opens and hides the sidebar (System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts → add entry for Then there is no conflict, even if the method is not exactly ideal.

I am also going to move your post to the main thread so it lends more support to the main request. Cheers!

Hi everyone.

It seems that the most wanted shortcut for every browser and platform (and especially for those coming from LastPass) is a login shortcut.

In LP, you just hit Enter at the selected item and you are redirected to the website login form, which is autofilled for you. Instead, in BW, Enter simply opens a dialog displaying the entry content (username, pw, etc.). Something that you rarely want.

Of course, there are several other shortcuts that we would like to have, but if you think like me that this is the most annoying lack, I have opened a separate request here.

Please, upvote my post, if you agree. Hopefully, if developers focus on a single shortcut, they could get the job done, while asking for multiple shortcuts is a plea for an infinite delay.
In the meantime, for me, the only viable solution is the old school KeePassXC.

I found this request and it should be merged here as this one did.

I really hate the current behaviour of overriding the default keymap. I want to use Command+Shift+L as opening side bar, which is a default keymap on Safari, but Bitwarden takes it. I was forced to set the other key. I wish I could just turn off the keymapping of Bitwarden.

The keyboard shortcuts like ‘CMD+SHIFT+L’ are conflicting with the default keyboard shortcuts in Safari. With the latest version of safari 15 there are more shortcuts conflicting.

My request;
Please make the keyboard shortcuts editable so we can use the default Safari keyboard shortcuts the way they are meant to be (of course I know about a workaround creating custom keyboard shortcuts for Safari, but that makes things complicated).

There is a setting in System Preferences > Dock called “Prefer tabs when opening documents”. Change this to “Manually”, it’s probably set to “Full Screen Only” mode right now.

Not sure why this setting is under the Dock preferences but this will fix your issue. Downside is I think all applications behave that way now, like Finder and Preview. I guess you can’t pick and choose specifically how you want an app to behave.

I turned it off because I am trained to use Cmd+N for new windows, and Cmd+T for tabs. It makes little sense why Cmd+N and Cmd+T would both open tabs regardless of settings. Why have the command execute from 2 different keyboard shortcuts, especially by wasting a classic shortcut that many have engrained in their heads.

agree 100%. this is the single reason i am not using bitwarden. if i can’t navigate using the keyboard, this app/extension is a non-starter.

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To be fair, the desktop app is pretty feature-rich with shortcuts. The limitation is for the browser extensions, which tend to have only the basic shortcuts available. However, each browser has its own ability to add/modify shortcuts, so there are actually more available than what is mentioned in the online help - see here:

Yeh, who uses web browsers these days anyway? :wink:
“each browser has its own ability to add/modify shortcuts” - chrome lets you customise four shortcuts. Many (most?) of the common functions are missing:

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This response completely misses a major point of the feature request. Keyboard navigation of the vault popup window is what I think most of us have been waiting for. That is, a quick way to open the vault, search, and then act on an item ALL without the mouse.

Way back in March 2018 I listed a proposed keyboard navigation workflow. Perhaps it’s worth reposting it…

  1. User-defined keyboard shortcut to open the extension (this already exists).
  2. On the extension, the default focus is search (this is already done as well).
  3. Pressing UP/DOWN should navigate the items list (the first item should automatically be highlighted)
  4. Pressing ENTER on an item should visit the site (or autofill if already open)
  5. Pressing RIGHT on an item should open the details pane for that item.
  6. Pressing ESC should close the popup.

On the details page:

  1. Pressing UP/DOWN should navigate the items for that entry.
  2. Pressing ENTER on an item should copy the value to the clipboard.
  3. Pressing LEFT should navigate back to the search pane.
  4. Pressing ESC should close the popup.

Hi @kriswilk - I think you may have misread my post. I was responding to @bunnyhero who was concerned that there was no way to navigate the desktop app because of a lack of shortcuts, as well as the browser extension. As I said, to be fair the desktop app has a lot of shortcuts available (see the link I posted). And the browser extension is definitely lacking, but there are more shortcuts than documented.

I wasn’t trying to delegitimize any requests regarding the web vault. Hope you can see that now! :slight_smile:

@bunneyhero didn’t mention the desktop app, and the documentation = chrome shortcuts

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Hi @bitmatron! Actually, yes he mentioned the app. And this whole thread is tagged for the desktop app (see the blue bar at the top - the tags are right below the thread title).

And if you look at the link I posted, I think you will see that the help page covers ALL browser extensions (not specific to Chrome, hence my remark about other possible shortcuts) as well as the Desktop App. Please have a look again - not sure how I can be more clear about this.

i mainly meant navigation, specifically using arrow keys in the extension. i mentioned the app because if the extension is useless to me i can’t use bitwarden at all. perhaps i should have written “service/extension”.