Access "Weak Passwords Report" in mobile app and browser extension

Currently, it is only possible (as far as I can tell) to check password health (on premium version) on the Website

It would be great if this feature could be added to both the browser extension and the mobile app

Good idea! I’d really like to see that inside the app as well… not sure why it hasn’t been implemented yet.

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Enpass has this on their free desktop app. Really hoping Bitwarden implements these both on all platforms (desktop, mobile, extension).

You can check your passwords individually on all the client applications by clicking the checkmark icon next to the password field.


Doesnt that only check if your password is compromised?


Example from Enpass mobile app (iOS)

Similar thread with more concrete examples: Show password strength (zxcvbn) under Password Generator and Password Fields - #5 by lsittler

Got it.
Thanks for the clarification😀

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