Show password strength (zxcvbn) under Password Generator and Password Fields

Similar to how KeePass shows password strength for creating new/viewing existing passwords, it would be nice if Bitwarden showed a password strength meter (zxcvbn) , like the one shown when creating a master password, underneath passwords in both the Password Generation page and under existing password fields within entries.

Since the Weak Password report is a premium feature, perhaps showing the meter under password fields in existing entries should be limited to premium users as well if necessary.

The reason I believe this would be useful is because I have seen people using password managers who still set their password length low and create insecure, short passwords because they have no indication what a good/bad password is, or still think as long as they have a few numbers and symbols it means their passwords are secure. A strength meter to give inexperienced and experienced users an idea how to make their passwords better at a glance would be helpful.