Accepting Passwords From Outside users

Maybe this is a feature request but how to users outside our organization share a password with users of Bitwarden?

It seems unreasonable to ask them to sign up for bitwarden, create a password, and then use the send to send that password to us.

If there was a way they could type into the send boxes we create that would be awesome. Or send them an invite to a blank login that we create and they fill out.

**Also I tried to use the contact in bitwarden but received no confirmation emails. I did get a confirmation email from the community forums. I checked Spam… nothing.

If anyone has any third party tools to recommend I would be open to that as well.

Basically the “opposite” of the current Bitwarden Send feature to allow for sharing from a Bitwarden user account to a non-Bitwarden user securely.

There is a current feature request for this, some great use-cases and examples where something like this could be used.

Though, as far as securely receiving information I know one good recommended tool used by many in the community here is the open-source