Ability to connect to the host client to sync the status for browser plugins

If host client is unlocked, I’d like to be able to directly use bitwarden in my browsers with its plugin without having to unlock the vault again, which is quite inconvenient.
And if host is unlocked, then every plugin should also get locked, instead of having their own status, which is quite not safe, and I don’t have that much energy to manage the lock status of all clones at all times to keep them unified…
And even more, maybe a can provide a built-in tiny status server in the client, so users can use Ethernet IP address to connect to sync the lock status.

It is kinda a dup of #1635
For #1635, I have to use a workaround by not quite convenient:

  • Enable allow login request feature on your mobile app
  • Whenever your vault is locked, no need for password, click logout
  • then relogin, click login with device
  • go to your mobile to approve the login, done.

If you want to use desktop client on same device to do the approval action, before logout, click pop out to a new window, so you can log in your vault with desktop client without being interrupted, then don’t forget to close that vault window, otherwise your browser vault will be unlocked forever, even you already set the timeout… :)

However, you can only use another client app to do the confirmation, consider we can’t pop out a new window while logging in (only be able to do so after logged in), and Bitwarden requests you not to lose the window focus of the login page, so if you switch to another program, the login process will be interrupted… I do think this is also a bad design…