Ability to configure a default folder in the settings of the browser extension

Current situation

Right now when you save a new password, that password is always saved in the no-folder and then afterwards you can organize it in a folder. This was fine for me as long as I was using bitwarden only for my personal passwords. I had no need to organize my passwords in folders anyway.

Requested feature

I would like to be able to configure in the settings of the browser extension which folder I would like all new passwords to be saved to by default.


These days, because of Corona, I’ve been moving between jobs a lot. And every time I begin at a new job, I set up a new profile in my Chrome browser to isolate all the work related browser history and extensions from my personal profile. And I also install the bitwarden extension in that second profile every time. I just use my personal bitwarden account for that, because it seems a bit overkill to make a new bitwarden account every time I change jobs. So what I do is that I create a separate folder in which I save all my work-related passwords and then when I leave that job after a few months I delete all the passwords from that folder.

But this workflow is a bit sensitive to user error, because sometimes I forget to move a newly saved password to the right folder. If my requested feature would be implemented then I wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. Then I just know that every password that I save from my work-related Chrome profile will be saved in my work-related folder in bitwarden.

I would like this feature to work on the web vault also.

I agree, I too would like the ability to set a default folder for filing away new password info.

Thank you in advance!

I agree this is very annoying, would be an amazing feature to add!

It could optionally ask for folder name while saving password.
Refer Lastpass, they do it very nicely.

Thats a pretty good feature! Good request.

I would like a general setting to the vault to always save passwords in a specific collection.

In my case, I manage my kids passwords, and I’d like their new passwords to be stored in a shared collection.

Yeah let’s do this, I’ve been wanting this for a long time…

It’s a simple client-side property if you want to do it fast, defaultFolder=“personal” or whatever.
Basically just to select a default folder locally. Ideally it would be synced everywhere but it’s a start at least.