2FA Overview Chart


The idea would be to have a means of viewing all active forms of 2FA from TOTP to FIDO2 hardware tokens in a single chart. Presently I own 4 Yubikeys and have enabled FIDO2 on most accounts that support it. My current technique for keeping track of my keys is to have each FIDO2 token given its own entry in a folder, then to manually mark the accounts each key is tied to. Doing this for a dozen accounts is do-able, but it’s incredibly redundant, wastes time, and increases likelihood of errors and typos.

As more and more services start adopting 2FA, it is essential that being secure be just as easy or even easier than being unsecure. Such a feature as what I have described would help many feel more comfortable adopting 2FA tools like FIDO2 if they know keeping track of it can be easy, automated, or both.

Feature function

  • Have a dedicated entry/page/section storing FIDO2 keys
  • Allow for quickly checking and marking which keys are linked to which accounts