App & site use fido rather than yubikey for 2fa

I have my account secured with a yubikey and a fido key as a backup. My yubikey has NFC so it works with my iphone and so is my primary 2fa. The fido key is stored elsewhere for emergencies.
When i log in, the app and site try to do fido for 2fa, which i have to figure out how to cancel and then switch to a different 2fa mechanism. Is there a way to get the apps to default to yubikey?

Currently, you cannot change the order. Two-step Login Methods | Bitwarden Help & Support

Which one yubikey do you have? Can’t you use it as fido as well?

Yubikey should do FIDO as well (you may need to register it as a FIDO device). FIDO is more secure than Yubikey authentication so you should be trying to use that in preference anyway…