2022.6.0 Release Thread

Please note it takes time for new releases to propagate to their respective storefronts.

2022.6.0 Release notes.

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The website “https://vault.bitwarden.com/” not display properly. I cannot access to my account cause it’s only written on the entire screen on string : “Bitwarden” and nothing else.

I don’t know if the website is down.

Thanks for your patience, the team is aware that some users are experiencing issues accessing the web vault and are actively investigating. Updates will be posted on https://status.bitwarden.com/

I think the release update went wrong as I also get nothing on the Web Vault.
I tried using Chrome, Edge also in InPrivate/Incognito and cleared all history

Thanks for confirmation of steps taken. In the meantime, please continue to use other Bitwarden platforms which remain operational: Browser extension, desktop app and mobile.

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New email verification that gets triggered for users logging into new devices that don’t have a Two-step Login method enabled

Hey - how are people supposed to get access to their email when the password manager holds the password?

Hey @OptiqueMarquis I’m escalating this with the team now.

@gaetanandrieu @gmaurissen the issue should be resolved now :+1: Let me know if you experience any issues.

Yes works good now, thanks a lot,

Have a nice day.

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Hey @OptiqueMarquis you should be able to resume normal use of your account now.

Everything OK, thanks for prompt resolution

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2022.6.0 Release notes have now been published to the Bitwarden Help Center.

@dwbit I’m subscribed to the release notes via email delivery since last fall, and had did it again about 2 weeks ago…I am not receiving email alerts about new releases. I’m using gmail and nothing in spam/junk.

Hey! The email typically goes out after the new release is finished rolling out on all platforms.

I’m going to update the post above with the current release information shortly.

Still no overlay popup?

Hey @Essadon you can check out the team’s response on the most recent Vault Hours around the 25 minute mark here.

Just watched the teams response regarding the overlay. How are other competitors able to implement such a feature? Is it that they just have said the heck with the user experience and just did it? Or is are they sacrificing security for feature? From what I can recall from Last Pass it was practically flawless.

I’ll play devil’s advocate here. All of the big players in the online password manager industry, other than Bitwarden, maintain proprietary code, so it is impossible to know how they implemented this feature. But Lastpass, 1Password, Dashlane, etc. seem to be VERY focused on user experience, often at the cost of security (just Google it), whereas to me, Bitwarden seems to have the opposite philosophy - open up the codebase for everyone to see, make security the first priority for development, and THEN add the luxury features. Personally, this is why I switched from 1Password years ago, and I hope ‘luxury’ features like the overlay NEVER get implemented, as do many many other users here (we just have no way to cast a dissenting vote on the feature thread).


Hi @Gerardv514 - you posed the questions, so I weighed in with my opinion. I am sorry that you disagree with it. I meant no offence or disrespect.

Your personal comments are not appreciated, however. I would hope that everyone could express their opinions here with respect.