2022.6.0 Release Thread

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What is the release cadence for self-hosted? My self-hosted admin portal indicates updates are ready, but the self-hosted git is lists version as on 2022.5.1… even though it pulls 2022.5.2. In either case, 2022.6.0 doesn’t seem to be available.

edit: I just noted how the post lists the component publishing status. I head read the official release notes that don’t really indicate. Initial question still stands, what is the release cadence for the self hosted component?

Hey @FE80-10Bits, self-hosted is usually released after all other clients are complete. I’ll update the thread above as releases become available :+1:

heh, I was editing the post about having actually read the entry above at the same time as you replied. Thanks for the info!

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Self-host has been released :+1:

@dwbit I still have never received the release announcement email for this release, and there has now been at least 2 other releases after is. Are the release announcements hitting anyone else that is subscribe to them? Again I’ve been signed up (subscribed) since last fall, and re-signed up earlier this year and I haven’t gotten a single one. Wondering if these are getting blocked on the outgoing side?

Referring to the release announcements section here:

Hey @Gerardv514, thanks for letting me know! So you didn’t receive the 2022.8.0 release notes email? I can check to see if your email is on the list if you want to provide it, or send in a Bitwarden send. We are currently switching email tools so perhaps that is what is causing this.

I have never received any release announcement email, which I find strange. Even after subscribing a second time earlier this year, still didn’t resolve it.

Thanks for the DM, we will look into it!

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