2 Related features requests for corporate users. presetting requirements for domains, pressetting doman equivelencies and non-equivelecies

These are two things that I need to be able to justify purchaisng bitwardent and deploying it to most of my users (its fine as is for our IT folks who can seemingly follow directions…

1.Like most corporations we have an domain name or names and we use them for a lot of internal things. However some of those things use the same passowrd as each other, some do not. I want to be able to pre-setup and update/change the equilivicencies for all of our users. Example, our domains are zzz,com xxx,com and yyy,com
payroll.yyy,com and timeoff.zzz,com and xxx,com/HRsucks all use the exact same ID/P.assword However HR.zz.com hr,yyy,com and hr,xxx,com are all different id/passwords. I do not want to have to help 900 users configure this correctly, I want to set it up myself so when they first go to one of these sites and provide the current ID/PW it knows that the id/pw is used for the other sites as well but only those. This also occurs for sites outside of our control, for exmaple microsft, and some smaller things that I doubt any other of your customers use so I wouldn’t expect bitwarden’s team to create those equiviilencies, or non-equivelecies.

  1. Somewhat related. In each of these sites hr,zzz,com we want to be able to pre-setup the rules for generating a password. In part because some of these sites have really odd rules, and don’t display them, and also due to the fact that our users will find this a hassel and just go back to using monkey123.

Thanks for any consideration, and I’m glad to clarify this if needed.

Might be more useful to break this into two separate feature requests and maybe tag the second one onto this existing request.

For the first request, you might be able to fiddle with the configuration files as a step of your installation process.