Custom Password Generator per item / folder

Feature name

Per Item / Folder Password Generator Settings.

I am coming from PasswordSafe and an enterprise environment. One thing PasswordSafe does well is allow you to define a “password generator” per item or give it a name and use it across items.

Key Features:

  • Ability to define a generator and give it a name.
  • Ability to assign generator to a specific item
  • Generator would define:
    • Required Minimum Length
    • Which character sets to use (Upper, lower, numbers, symbols)
    • Which symbols are allowed
  • ++Bonus - ability to assign to a folder and all items below it get that generator.
  • When you click generate password for an item, it uses the given generator.


  • Provide consist passwords that meet minimum requirements across application categories:
    • For instance, we may have service accounts that have to be a minimum of 30 characters, but no symbols are allowed. Other accounts can only by a maximum of 16 characters, but #$%^ are allowed as symbols and you must have 2.
    • Once the generator is set for an item, the single click “Generate Password Icon” will result in a new password that meets the criteria. No need to remember what the criteria for that item / category of item is, no need to go edit it and make a mistake, by only making it 20 characters instead of 30 due to type.
  • In an enterprise environment some applications only allow certain types of passwords (length, complexity, certain characters, etc). This solves the problem by defining the generator for all passwords needed for that application.

Related topics + references

  • See PasswordSafe. It basically has this ability, except the ability to apply it to a folder and every child item automatically gets it.