YubiKey when unlocking

I am seeking guidendence and explanation on why I cant use my Yubikey to unlock my vault on browser reset and why I have to enter my password every time.

I did ask this question but it was closed quickly and the link given just sent me in a loop.

So please can someone explain why the below behavior is not possible on Bitwarden when compared to LastPass?


  1. Initial login to vault using master password
  2. Prompted to use 2FA to unlock account. I have a YubiKey
  3. Now I am logged in.
  4. I restart the browser for an update
  5. LastPass prompts for YubiKey to authenticate and NOT password.

So the question is can I not setup Bitwarden to prompt for a 2FA on browser resets instead of my master password every time or Am I just going to have to fully logout and login every time.

My goal it just to secure my vault with as many layers of protection as possible. Having to enter the Master password every time make me a bit uncomfortable but please let me know if I have a misunderstanding of the process and how it all works.


As the linked topic in your previous request states, using a 2FA method (YubiKey) only currently works for 2FA logins, not unlocking. Logging in and unlocking are two different things.

This feature request is being tracked here: 2FA when 'unlocking'


Ok, thank you. Now I understand the context of the post. This can be closed.