Yubikey setting

Good morning,

i have a bitwarden docker running. All works fine, but i don’t understand how Yubikey works.
I googled and found no solution.
To enable YubiKey authentication, you must set the YUBICO_CLIENT_ID and YUBICO_SECRET_KEY env variables. For what i need this? When i use my client_id from my yubikey what’s the sense? I also must select the yubikey then in my portal under settings?

I hope someone can explain it.

Sorry for my bad english

For me it worked as described in https://bitwarden.com/help/article/setup-two-step-login-yubikey/
Besides these steps no variables … settings. Also no settings for the YubiKey, they work just out of the box.
You may give that a try.

Note: I’m only using the online version, my guess is concerning YubiKey that’s similar to the local version.
But as I’m aware also for the local version you need a premium account for YubiKey usage.

thanks for your replay

It’s a selfhosted container on my synology.
I mean the global.override.env file in the bwdata folder.


for what i need this configurations?