Yubikey Prompt on Chrome Extension Covers Up Remember Option

I have a webauth/fingerprint Yubikey set up as 2MFA.

When I first log into BW via Chrome extension, the “remember” option shows up, but the webauth/Yubikey prompt pops up and removes the ability to select the remember checkbox. You have to choose another method and keep clicking things until you get an error message, click remember, and then click the webauth button to authenticate.

Not sure how best to fix this as if you use the Yubikey without checking the remember button, it will log you in.

(I just checked at the bitwarden.com login page and the same thing occurs. If you use webauth with a fingerprint Yubikey, it will log you in and dismiss the page before you have an opportunity to select to remember.)

The fastest way seems to be to hit the “Esc” key twice, then check the box and click the authentication button to authenticate.

Fortunately, you only have to do this once a month…

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