YubiKey 5 NFC Doesn't Work Only w/ Bitwarden

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This same YubiKey works flawlessly every time for all my other logins, which is about 5 other applications/websites that I use 2FA with. For some reason however it consistently fails to log me into the Bitwarden Firefox extension or web app. It works sometime but probably fails 70% of the time. Luckily I have a Yubico FIDO key which works every time so I’m not stuck every time.

What is wrong with the application or what am I doing wrong? Thanks!


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Have you tried this on a different browser than Firefox such as Edge or Chrome to pin down the cause? FIDO support on browsers are relatively new.

I have only used this on Mozilla. But the problem is, is that my YubiKey OTP works perfectly for every single application EXCEPT bitwarden.

I was under the impression that Bitwarden uses FIDO/U2F not OTP. How are you using Yubico Fido security key for OTP, it’s doesn’t even support OTP.

Are we talking about the yubikey for use with Master password?

Correction: Documentation indicate they are using OTP. Seems more like an app issue then.

Sorry I’m unable to help, but first chance I get, I’ll be sure to load up FF and see if I can recreate your issue, however I recently was able to add a couple Yubikey 5 NFC (x2) and a single FIDO U2F hardware key without issue. This is for the Master Password, correct?

Yes this is for the master password. I have no problem adding the key. The problem is it working more than 30% of the time when I want to login.

I have an OTP key AND a FIDO key. The FIDO key works fine, the OTP key fails consistently.

Sounds like there is an issue with Bitwarden’s OTP. Have you try contacting Bitwarden support? I don’t have a premium subscription and can’t replicate.

Out of curiosity, Yubikey 5 can handle both Fido and OTP, why would you want to use the OTP part since it’s less secure? That was one of my main complains about the Yubikey support on Last Pass.

I haven’t gotten to the BW FF extension quite yet, but trying to use the website vault things are going crazy, these red U2F Error: 1 messages are flashing across my browser in a loop. Eep.

FireFox browser version 86.0 (64-bit) this at the Bitwarden web vault 2FA section:

Going to add the extension now. Got some wonky / similar red flashing messages as above while trying to input 2FA (Yubikey) through the browser extension (specifically via the sidebar) but was ultimately able to just ignore the error(s) and was able to successfully tap/register my MFA hardware device with the FireFox browser extension:

Wish i were more able to assist, still have so much to learn as new BW user.

Note sure. It may be some sort of setting on Bitwarden that we have to set. Just as an example, On vanguard,I had to set frequency “every time I log on” or I get a cryptic error when I use the Yubikey. I think a lot of these hardware implementation may need to be bake in the oven some more.

Like you, Yubikey 5 NFC, all two-step login methods are enabled, U2F is not visible in EDGE DEV, but sometimes it is visible

But in FireFox and Google Chrome there is no problem

I didnt realize it could handle FIDO. You are 100% right. I just switched to use the FIDO and it works like a charm now.

Fido is better than otp because it can’t be phished. However I heard there may be issues with nfc and some os

Still experiencing these weird, random issues – happens both baremetal and in VMs, with browser extension and full desktop client. Occurs with 2FA on master password as well as here attempting to log in to community forums. I’m only a few months into my premium Bitwarden client, so high probability that PEBKAC.

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