You must confirm your email to use file sends

You must confirm your email to use file sends
Bitwarden Email Verification Required
Email Verification Required



Your subscription has a total of 1 GB of encrypted file storage. You are currently using 0 MB.

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Let me try anyway:

This is the last step when creating your Bitwarden-account:

Verify your email

Once you have created your account, prompt Bitwarden to send you a verification email by logging in to your web vault and selecting the Verify Email button.

Source: Create your Bitwarden Account | Bitwarden Help Center

The 1 GB of encrypted file storage is related to this:

File attachments

Although Bitwarden is not meant to be a dedicated file storage provider like Google Drive or Dropbox, often times you have sensitive files such as private keys, scanned documents, PDFs, etc that need to be securely stored, protected, and shareable. Bitwarden premium gives you 1GB of encrypted file storage that allows you to securely store file attachments alongside any entry in your vault. Access to these file attachments is automatically synced across all of your Bitwarden applications. You can use any Bitwarden application to attach new files, including your mobile device’s camera.

Source: Premium features — file attachments, 2FA options, TOTP, & priority support | Bitwarden Blog