Yet another noob question -- why can't we easily move item out of organization?

I’ve been using paid BW for the past year now. Recently I wanted to expand use from personal to friends and family, and the limitation of moving items around seems very awkward. It’s my understanding I could move items from my personal vault to a family/organization, but trying to undo that is not possible (or maybe can completely fix my misunderstanding here??). Searching prior post seem to show a common response of export and reimport back in; however, I see this as a bad user experience, but more importantly, exposes more accident and possible data leaks.

Does BW plan to add some mechanism to more natively moving items out of an organization, back to personal vault or another organization? If not, is there any plan to add this? If not, I’d love to understand why.

Hello. And welcome to the community.

Probably the same as Add unshare option (1 click move organization vault item to individual vault) , which was put “on hold indefinitely”, presumably because some technical challenges.

Following that thread (currently closed), the workarounds doesn’t seem accurate, or maybe I’m approaching it wrong. The Clone option is only available to my personal vault, but not available for other organization/vaults which I’m the owner of. Is there some setting or did the web and app remove that option since ? :confused:

Also, I sincerely hope BW reconsiders the thread. It’s currently closed, and the last comment is businesses want to limit the idea of moving things. However, I don’t agree this on a blanket statement. Being a business owner and worked with infosec teams, having some security option to limit it would hopefully make both user bases happy. Also an activity audit would help provide traceability which would be important in an audit…