Wrong vault sorting/ordering since 2022.12 on webvault and client

Hi folks,
I use the selfhosted Vaultwarden version on docker. Everything was running fine and as expected. In the beginning of december ´22 my Bitwarden client on my Mac updated from 2022.10 to 2022.11. Now the vaults were in random order. On the web vault (which was not updated so far) the ordering was alphabetical as it should. Yesterday my docker container updated to 2022.12 and the web vault sorting is bad, too. The client on windows has same issues.
I have nearly 200 organisations/vaults in the left sidebar and now I have to search the vaults everytime.

Does anybody have an idea what i can do? Am I the only one with such a problem?

Hi @sightkick and welcome to the community,

Typically this community is geared towards Bitwarden user-to-user support and issues with Vaultwarden should be directed towards the appropriate Vaultwarden forums community.

I can confirm though that this does appear to be a client-side issue with the official release as I see both the web-vault and desktop app do not show Organizational vaults in alphabetical order, and instead appear possibly in the order in which they were joined?
The browser extensions do appear to be listed alphabetically though FWIW.

Hi @cksapp,
first of all: Merry Christmas (which I forgot last night):slight_smile:
It´s so good to hear that I´m not alone. Yesterday I restored the good old 2012.10 version on my docker container and my time machine gave me the right client for that. Everythings in the right order. Even in the browser extension which was right all the time. It´s just a workaround but it works. For the holidays this should be enough.
And yes… normally this should be a Vaultwarden Issue but the develeoper sent me to raise an issue to this forum. I thinks it´s a problem of both worlds.
Now I will raise a (feature) request to get this fixed.