Wrong, old password on chrome

I just used the Chrome extension to put in my password but it filled in a password I changed a week or so ago. The vault has the correct new password that I was able to copy and paste. How do I get the Chrome extension to reflect the correct information? (Using Mac High Sierra, Bitwarden 2023.12.1)

In the browser extension, go to Settings > Log out > Yes. Then log back in.

Thank you.
I have changed passwords in the past and not needed to do this, but it may be I went through the password change in a different way.

My understanding is that this is a one-time (or rare) technical glitch that may have been caused by a recent Bitwarden update.

Well, at least I now can log in fine, so thanks for the info, and should it happen again I now know about the log out option. I did try shutting Chrome and restarting which included needing to reinput my BW password - when that didn’t work I was concerned. I looked at the extension info on the Chrome menu, but didn’t think of opening the extension and looking at the items on the bottom of the window - I have to admit I only look at the top of that window because that is where you ‘invoke’ the saved password.

Your master password is used for logging in, and sometimes for unlocking your vault. In this case you were just unlocking your vault, because it was still logged in. When unlocking an extension that is still logged in, you should see the text “Logged in as [email protected] on bitwarden.com” below the password entry field. When logging in to a browser extension that is logged out, you will instead see a button labeled Log in with master passwword.