Workaround for keeping sensitive info hidden in identity items

So I was looking at the feature request Identity Should Hide Sensitive Fields By Default and it seems it hasn’t gotten much attention. Is there another one like this? But also while this is not implemented is there a workaround for this besides creating custom hidden fields with the same exact name that are already predefined (e.g. passport number, Social Security Number)?

Hey there, the team has improvements to the reprompt on the radar, including protecting the whole vault item and adding ability to use biometrics.

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Hi, I’m eager to have something like this as well. It would be really great to be able to require OTP in order to view identity information or other highly sensitive info. Right now (I’m not exactly an expert), I don’t see a good way to make highly sensitive info more secure.

Yes, be very nice to have implemented. It would also be nice to have a toggle to hide main account identification prior to entering password. I dont know how many times ive entered my password into the account field which exposes everything, especially if you’re in a highly public location with cameras.