Wondering why sync is blocked if I have tracking blocked

I am using a tracking blocker and when I attempt to sync Bitwarden it hangs and won’t complete unless I disable my tracking blocker.

This feels less-than-secure.

You could use fdroid version from the github releases.
You may also want to go through the following topic Remove Embedded Trackers from Bitwarden

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In the Mobile apps, Firebase Cloud Messaging (often mistaken for a tracker) is used only for push notifications related to sync and performs absolutely no tracking functions. Microsoft Visual Studio App Center is used for crash reporting on a range of mobile devices. In the Web Vault, Stripe and PayPal scripts are used for payment processing only on payment pages.

For those who prefer to exclude all 3rd party communication, Firebase and Microsoft Visual Studio App Center are removed completely from the F-Droid build. Additionally, Turning off push notifications on a self-hosted Bitwarden server will disable using the push relay server.

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