Won’t ask to save new passwords on iOS, safari extension may not work?

Hi -

I’ve done everything in the installation process for iOS(install extension, setup auto fill for only Bitwarden), but the experience in Safari isn’t what I expect. Specifically, it doesn’t ask me to save new passwords when I enter one not already in the vault.

I believe the Safari extension may be needed for that? When I click activate app extension, it looks like it’s successful, but then immediately gets turned off potentially? After I click close on the successful installation screen, it asks me if I want to re-activate the extension. Then when I go to Safari, it’s not listed as an extension. I can get to it by going to the safari share menu (at the bottom), but that just shows my vault without any options.

I updated iOS and downloaded Bitwarden yesterday, so I should have updated versions. I have a personal account and no device management. I’ve searched for similar issues, but haven’t seen any! Help would be appreciated as I’m trying to get off LastPass. Thanks!!

Hi @Stewartgrace , welcome to community! :wave:

While Bitwarden can offer to save the last-used credentials using your web browser, we do not currently support and offer that on iOS.

If this is something you’d love to see on our roadmap, I’d recommend voting for this Feature Request: Ask to add login and Ask to update existing login for iOS

As you also mentioned you’re still transitioning, I wanted to let you know about our guide to exporting from your old solution and importing to Bitwarden in our Help Center. :slight_smile: