Woke up this morning, and none of my OTP are working?

So I woke up this morning, and none of my OTP are working. I copied the “master key” from bitwarden to authy, and now I can access my accounts. Very Scary.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

What do you mean by “copied master key from bitwarden to authy”. Your “master key” is your password unless you mean something else. And what did you put your “master key” into for authy? Authy doesn’t deal with password except for the backup. And what are you using for OTP since authy is an OTP provider, it’s not clear if you’re talking about authy or bitwarden.

@aaronstuder You’re talking about your TOTP Authenticator key?

Those seeds are time-based, so if the time on your device is off it could cause an invalid code to be generated.

Not sure what system your running but ya like @tgreer said those are time based, check your system time is accurate.