Windows Hello: Fingerprint and Face unlock - setup on machine; How to tell Bitwarden to use Face as default


I got a new laptop recently that has both a fingerprint reader and a Windows Hello capable webcam to unlock the device. I much prefer the face unlock just for how easy it is - but it occasionally bugs out and having the fingerprint reader set up as fall back would be great…the only problem is Bitwarden seems to default to using the fingerprint reader by default with both face/finger set up in Windows.

I can still use face unlock, but I have to click a couple of buttons to get to it and it totally kills the whole ease of use thing. I have been running with just the face unlock configured until I could get round to seeing whether it was something that can be got around?

I have checked all the BW settings and can’t see anything relevant. I even tried removing all Windows Hello sign-in options and resetting it back up in order of Face then finger, and then finger and then face…just to see if it that would sort it and it doesn’t seem to make a difference.