Windows Client Custom URL?

Feature name

  • Windows Client custom-url over File or Registry

Feature function

Well there is no possibility to install Bitwarden with a Custom-URL witch is i think not usefull as an Enterprise-Custommer.
How would you expect to rollout Bitwarden to 1000 Clients without giving a Custom-Url? Because we are using the Selfhosted variant.

We would need this feature, this could be achived by an .js file or a Registry entry in Windows

Hi @CaritasWien, welcome!

You can configure the desktop clients centrally :slight_smile:

Does this cover your request?

i will test this and Inform you, really missed this Information sorry!

No worries! It’s a newer article :+1:

I’ll convert this to a question topic, but if there is something missing we can change it back to a feature request.