Windows App not syncing


So I am getting a sync error on the windows 10 app and I have tried everything I know, which is…
Log out.
Log out and restart computer
Check device date and time
Uninstall and reinstall
Clear cache
Help > Troubleshooting > Enable/Disable Hardware acceleration and restart
File > Sync vault = Sync Failed

Some extra bugs I picked up is that for my OTP if I select remeber device it will fail and give me a session time out error. I can work around this by just not selecting that box.

I also dont have this problem on the web vault and browser extentions.
Desktop version

Thank you

A user reported the same thing with Windows 10, but self-hosted. BW hasn’t responded on this particular issue report, but maybe it is related to other login/sync bugs.

For a quick work-around (and if your are comfortable), I’d suggest you install 2024.4.1 or earlier, and set the environment:


Or wait to see if somebody comes up with a workaround.

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