Windows 7 Desktop Version?

Just started using BW and was looking for a version of the desktop app that will run on Windows 7.
On the Downloads page it looks like the lowest version of Windows it will run on is Windows 8.
Yeah, I know its an old version and I’ll be building a new PC in the next couple months, but for now, still stuck on 7.

According to the Wayback Machine, it seems that Windows 7 installations were still officially supported by Bitwarden until August 16, 2022. The most recent Desktop release available at that time was version 2022.8.1, which can be downloaded from GitHub. The standard Windows installer for the 2022.8.1 release is Bitwarden-Installer-2022.8.1.exe.

However, unless you are running a self-hosted server (and revert the server version to one that is contemporaneous with the 2022.8.1 clients — such as Bitwarden Server 2022.8.3), you may or may not run into problems due to server-client incompatibilities.

The version that I am running on my Win7 is 2022.5.1. Auto-update after this version results in errors. You need to set this environment variable to stop the update.


Also, the portable version is supposed to not update, but I have never used it.

I am moving off windows 7 too. Can’t wait to use the Biometric unlock / encryption that hopefully is better than a BW PIN encryption.

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@Neuron5569 Great information! Are you self-hosting, and if so, what server version are you on?

No, I am using the cloud service, but I am not a premium user, and I don’t use organizations. No incompatibilities for the functions I use, except that there seems to be bugs in the (outdated) CLI that would result in corrupted backups. Also, no Argon2.

Thanks guys!
I downloaded and installed 2022.8.1, but when I fired it up, I got this error:


Uninstalled that version, then installed 2022.5.1. Fired it up and immediately got the prompt to upgrade to the latest version, forgetting to add the environment variable. Clicked on “Later” and started looking around in the app. Very impressive!

Just added the environment variable under System and will look at it again in the morning. Now I’m curious as to when this app will break at some point in the future.

Thanks again for the quick and detailed replies!