Windows 11 Desktop App Not Working/Syncing


I’ve been trying to look through as many posts on here as possible, but nothing has seemed to be working for me.

Ever since the past update, Version 2024.4.1, my Windows 11 Desktop App will not sync. I was originally getting the error about the JWT token needs 3 parts, or however it was spelled. I then saw solutions for logging out and back in, uninstalling and reinstalling, doing both of those methods along with a full shut down and restart, nothing is working. I will log in to a fresh install, and it won’t load anything, then if I hit “Sync Vault” it only says Syncing Failed with no other information.

My iPhone vault works fine, Web vault works, and my dual boot win10 was working fine yesterday, but I think since then it may have updated itself as well but I haven’t been on it yet to see if it works or not.

I’m not using any browser extensions, just the desktop app itself.
Most solutions and topics seem to be pertaining to linux, so it’s not helping me much unfortunately. :confused:

Thank you in advance!

Hello Kyle, and welcome to the community!

There is this on-going bug, although people giving details seem to be using Windows 10, but maybe you can contribute to it / find a workaround that might work for you.

I have noticed something similar. I’m running Windows 11 and have the Bitwarden app (2024.4.1). I made a change to my vault using the Firefox extension (on that same computer). That change automatically synced to my iPhone. However, when I checked the Bitwarden Windows 11 desktop app, it had not synced. In my case, I logged out of the desktop app and logged back in. Then, the vault was updated.

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