Windows 10 client auto-update removes current client but does not install new one

I think others have encountered this before, and I also seem to be persistently unable to have an auto-update succeed on my Windows 10 Surface Book 3. This has happened to me for the last 4-5 updates I’ve been advised about.

The Windows 10 client app notifies me of an available update, prompting me to restart. I confirm, it seems to uninstall the current client, but upon completion when I tick the box to re-open Bitwarden, I get a Windows message about a missing shortcut and there’s no sign of the new version. If I go to then download and install the latest version Windows installer (Bitwarden-Installer-1.23.0.exe as I write this), it seems to work OK.

I can probably persevere with this, but it seems to be a persistent problem and I thought it’s better for the user community to solve it so we don’t deter others exploring Bitwarden as an option.


And the same thing just happened again today. After agreeing to the auto upgrade, I get this:

Screenshot 2020-12-04 095113

I manually downloaded and installed version 12.3.1 and it seems to be OK again.

I’m facing the same issue for a year now. Every update I assume that it will be fixed the next one. Now when I get the pop up I just do on the site and download the latest version. unfortunately this doesn’t fix the problem

The last time it did this, I re-installed it using the Microsoft Store. Since then it seems to have been auto-updating itself OK because I’m on version 1.26.3 and I haven’t had to do anything.

Bitwarden is the only app I have installed via the Microsoft Store, to get around this issue.