Will URI without https be as secure?

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Will removing the https:// from URI-s on objects some how degrade the security?
If I specify https://facebook.com for URI 1, I would guess that Bitwarden never fills that password for http://facebook.com

So will removing the https and just use facebook.com in the URI 1 field make things less secure?

Removing https:// would not automatically degrade the security. But its good that you use https:// most of the times.

Most updated browsers have default setting to block http sites from loading if doesn’t upgrade to https.

As far as i could understand from help article , if uri match is left as default (which matches base domain) , bitwarden would actually offer to autofill irrespective of https/http as it will detect by base domain. (As also suggested in help article).

But mostly it depends upon your browser security .Check if “always use secure connection” is on (which is on by default on chrome now).
Additionaly secure dns could be used for more security.

Bitwarden also has the option to match by “starting with” or “regular expression” and “exact” where you can specify https as mandatory for matching.

Refer article Using URIs | Bitwarden Help & Support