Wie kann ich meine Passwörter aus Excel importieren?

Ich habe eine Liste mit den Passwörter in Excel erstellt. Wie kann ich diese in den Passwort-Manager importieren?

Was this Excel file something that you created yourself, or did you export it from another password manager (or browser, etc.) — if the latter, what was the source of the file?

Regardless of your answer to the above question, please provide a list of the column titles (which are presumably found in the first row of your Excel spreadsheet). With that information, I should be able to help.

Ich habe folgende Spalten auf der Excelliste:

Thank you.

Please change the five column titles as shown below. Please copy and paste the new column titles, so there are no errors. The new column titles must use all lowercase letters.

Column Nr. Old Title    New Title
1 Name    name
2 Nutzername    login_username
3 Passwort    login_password
4 URL    login_uri
5 Notizen    notes

In addition, please create 6 new columns (Columns 6–11), with the following column titles (all lowercase):

  1. type
  2. folder
  3. favorite
  4. fields
  5. reprompt
  6. login_totp

You can leave these columns blank (empty), except for Column 6 (type). In the type column, enter the string login (all lowercase) in every row for which you have non-empty values in Columns 2–4.

If there are any rows for which you have non-empty values in Columns 1 & 5 (name & notes), but for which Columns 2–4 are blank (empty), then you should enter the value note in the type column for those rows.

Finally, in Excel, go to File > Save As, and set the file format to “CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)”, then save the file in this format.

Now you can you can use the Import tool in any of the Bitwarden apps (or browser extension), set the File Format to “Bitwarden (csv)”, and select the CSV spreadsheet file that you saved from Excel. You only need to do this once: when you import using one app, the vault items will automatically be synchronized to all of your other Bitwarden apps and extensions.

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super es hat geklappt. Vielen Dank.

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