Why you really should go to bitwarden.com by using a bookmark

Today I finally went through the way-to-many open tabs in my browser. I wanted to store some as bookmarks and close as many as possible. Unfortunately I got distracted and also closed bitwarden.com before bookmarking it. So I typed it (while still being distracted) and saved this one instead: www. bitwarde .com. When testing this bookmark I saw that this definitely was not the website I intended to have gone too.
I wanted to know more about this domain so I searched for it on Google. One of the results led me to http://bitwarden.com.testednet.com and on that page I found this headline: Registered domains similar to Bitwarden.com. As of now their list contains 154 items. Most don’t exist and still are “available”. However these 8 very similar domain names are already taken:

www . itwarden . com
www . botwarden . com
www . biwarden . com
www . bitswarden . com <— We already know about this one.
www . bitwaden . com
www . bitwaren . com
www . bitwarde . com <— This is the one that caused this article.
www . bitwardem . com

I am pretty sure that more are just around the corner. Therefore: Bookmark Bitwarden.com now and make sure that you saved the correct address.


I wish there was something we can do to let us know we’re on the correct site. I was setting up a family member and freaking out if I had the right address or not. The last thing I want to do is create an account on a fake bitwarden and that family member stuff to get hacked.

Another safe way is to use the link provided within the app and extension themselves.

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